Auction Finance

What Is Auction Finance?

You may be thinking, "Can I get a mortgage for a property on auction?" SFA Mortgages say "Yes!"

In order to purchase a property on auction, you would need a mortgage in place BEFORE you head into the auction hall, however sometimes there may be delays in getting a long term mortgage in place in time.

With the SFA Auction Finance, we can arrange finance for properties that you may wish to purchase on auction. This finance will cover the time between getting the property on auction and getting the long term mortgage for the property. This means that you do not need to miss out on a property just because of a delay in getting your mortgage. Speed is everything when it comes to buying at auction. That’s why you need to have your finances sorted out quickly. Without it your auction win could default and you could end up losing your deposit – something that nobody wants to happen to them.The SFA Auction Finance is what you need. Get a decision within hours and finance within a few days

Why Choose the SFA Auction Finance?

Quick Results We can get you a decision in principle within hours and funding provided within days of first application

Best Rates SFA Mortgages vast experience and panel of the leading lenders, can get you the best rates on the market, saving you a small fortune when it comes to short term auction financing.

Flexibility The SFA Auction Finance allows you flexibility and time to find the best long term finance for your property. This means you don't have to settle for second best just because you need the finances in a hurry.

To check if SFA Auction Finance is for you, call SFA Mortgages on Tel: 01158458665, Mobile: 07938333028, request a call back or fill in the short application form below and we will be in touch shortly.

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