Mezzanine Finance

How Can Mezzanine Finance Help You?

If you are a developer or investor looking to bridge the gap between the loan amount your main lender will lend and the cash deposit you have (or want to put up), you are looking for Mezzanine Finance.

Mezzanine Finance allows you, as a developer to gain maximum ROI with minimum cash contribution. So whether you are short of the cash contribution required by your main lender, or wish to keep these funds for other potential investments, or just keep the cash for a strong cash flow during your project, Mezzanine Finance can potentially help solve your problem and allow you the cash freedom you need, to make your project a success.

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When Mezzanine Finance can help?

Many factors dictate whether Mezzanine Finance is appropriate for a particular project based on the developers current situation and future plans. Some of the main reasons why a developer would take out Mezzanine Finance are listed below.

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