Portfolio Mortgages

What is a Portfolio Mortgage?

A Portfolio Mortgage is a loan that enables a business to buy multiple properties at the same time. Whether you’re a first-time landlord or a property tycoon, SFA Mortgages can help you get a buy-to-let portfolio mortgage, in order to increase your property portfolio quicker than one property at a time.

Buying and selling properties is a day-to-day business for many companies, and as such, one portfolio mortgage can make it easier to grow and adapt your portfolio pf properties. If your business has two or more properties, you will find it much easier to calculate the income percentage over your entire property range.

Why use SFA Mortgages for you portfolio mortgage?

We have a panel of lenders across the board who deal with different businesses and different types of properties. Because we have been working with a vast amount of lenders for many years, we can offer you the best rates on the market and process your application in a way that is appealing to lenders. Our advisers will tailor each application to your specific needs and requirements

Get The Best Portfolio Mortgage Deal from SFA Mortgages

Quality Yet Affordable Service
SFA have a wealth of industry knowledge to help you get the best deal
Impartial Advice. We are not affiliated with any banks, so our prime aim is to make YOU happy.
Quick & simple application process.

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