Refurbishment Finance

Why Refurbishment Finance?

Refurbishment Finance is the ideal type of finance required when a property investment requires refurbishment to be carried out.
When refurbishing or renovating a property, a developer needs to ensure that he/she not only has the finance to procure the property but also to get ALL the renovations done properly to a quality standard.
Most High Street Lenders do NOT offer this type of finance. However, the SFA Specialist Refurbishment Finance will not only help you to acquire a property but ensure that all costs relating to the complete renovation of the property are also paid for.

Tailored Finance to suit your needs

Each renovation project is unique and therefore requires funding tailored to requirements and circumstances at the time. At SFA we have expert advisers who will help tailor your application accordingly so as to ensure you get the most funding possible for your renovation project.

SFA Refurbishment Finance Will Cover

  • Commercial and residential property
  • Conversions
  • Refurbishments
  • Extensions
  • Building materials
  • Labour costs
  • Professional fees, and
  • Contingency

To check if SFA Refurbishment Finance is for you, call SFA Mortgages on Tel: 01158458665, Mobile: 07938333028, request a call back or fill in the short application form below and we will be in touch shortly.

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